Our Services: What We Do & How We Do It

It’s all about Trust

Corporate Communications

We create and disseminate messages and narratives using different corporate communication methodologies. We map stakeholders and create mutually beneficial alliances. select endorsers to tell our stories. We seek, enhance and find ways to spread shared values within an organization’s ecosystem. In fact, we assist companies in building trust, both internally and externally. We are able to scan and identify truths and values, turn them to key corporate messages and disseminate them to targeted audiences –employees, associates, salesforce, industry partners, media reps., public sector officials, other stakeholders or the general public– in order to inspire and engage people to become part proud tribes.

It’s all about Brands/It’s all about sustained engagement/It’s all about the consumer

Brand Communications

We unleash the power of the brand. We develop B2C and B2B brand strategies based on deep market knowledge. We understand consumer behaviors and facilitate interaction between them and brands. We build on the brand’s purpose, increase penetration, welcome participation and deliver prominence. We make impactful statements and impact consumers behavior and choice. We build long-term brand preference and loyalty. We assist daily in:

  • Brand Development & Positioning
  • Product Launches & Publicity
  • Tailor-made Media Relations & Creative Newsroom
  • Influencers & Celebrity Outreach
  • Socially Responsible programs
  • Sponsorship initiatives
  • Digital Content Creation
It’s all about Experience

Event Management

We create and implement conceptual “don’t-dare-to-miss” events that engage participants and introduce them to brand or corporate philosophy, transforming key messages, via unique experiences, into buzz and positive publicity.

Our event experts listen to and support clients’ needs by designing, developing and delivering events that stand-out. Pitch… new products, services, or messages. Speak to different stakeholders and see their transformation into active ambassadors for your business.

It’s all about Evolvement/It’s all about Alignment

Internal Communications

We believe that great companies are made by great teams. Teams that function well together combine talents. And talent comes and stays in a company when it is appreciated, challenged, and feels open to develop its capabilities further.

We can assist you discover how your “Tribe” can thrive! We can create a climate of openness & collegiality within the organization, by designing an internal communications program that promotes solidarity, connects coworkers and boosts morale.

Speaking to and engaging internal audiences sometimes is as, if not more, difficult as getting noticed by external ones. That’s why assessing the current internal culture first and then designing an internal program, cut exclusively for each clients’ specific needs, can be the deal-breaker for a public relations & communications agency when asked to increase an organization’s efficiency, while transforming employees into teams of company-advocates.

It’s all about Content

Media Intelligence & Creative Newsroom

We are experts in media relations who can assist you disseminate your news and/or messages to the world. Building interest among journalists and consumers entails the creation of stories that present very interesting content. We have an excellent track record in developing and delivering focused, high impact media campaigns. As a full-service PR & communications agency, we tie media relations into almost all of our key client relationships. We offer our clients a simple but effective updated contact details database.

  • Press office activities, including editorial campaigns: We provide recommendations and insight on how best to reach target media – and how to maximize the potential of any journalist’s encounter to ensure that information and messages are delivered in a way that is appropriate and relevant to the selected audience.
  • Drafting and designing of press materials: We possess extensive experience in developing and drafting press materials in a variety of formats; we provide advice on the appropriate information that needs to be send to each target audience.
  • Media events and tours: We identify opportunities for delivering our clients’ messages using the most effective platforms (e.g. 1:1 interviews, press briefings, roundtables, media tours, etc.)
  • Monitoring tracking and analysis: We provide the tools to measure effectiveness and efficiency. We deliver results and measurable KPIs.
  • Database development and maintenance: We keep track of our records and create tailored-made lists. A key element in any media relations strategy is to keep track of contacts and conversations, as well as having a central platform for media materials (such as toolkits, contact sheets and media lists).
It’s all about Who & WoM/It’s all about participation

Influencers & Stakeholders Engagement

We build relationships with the people who can build relationships for you. We scout, select and brief for you the Ambassadors that fit with your brand, organization or cause. We believe that an Influencers program, including KOLs as Ambassadors, should be aligned with the company’s or brand’s objectives and designed in such a way so as to get the selected messages across. Through carefully developed tactics, based on the selected Influencers’ zones of interests, we can reach the publics we want.

With the rise of social media, Word-of-Mouth has become an almost “tangible” form of influence that has been transmitted faster and wider than ever before. Powerful storytelling and engaging content are today’s “weapons” against clutter and market noise, adding value to brands and organizations.

Given the fact that an increasing number of consumers are much more likely to be receptive to recommendations from a person they respect, admire and trust, the recruitment of influencers can widen your reach, add validity and influence the spectrum of conversations on any selected topic. For this to happen, a solid and tested process should be followed. We do have it and we are ready to share it with you.

It’s all about Engagement

Digital Content, SoMe & Communities

We believe that Content is the KING and Audiences are the QUEEN. We are infused with the content “virus” and we know that when content is great (relevant, empowering, significant, handy and true) it becomes engaging and audiences are transformed into advocates.

We live in a digital world. For us content is capable of transforming prospects into clients, and customers into advocates. Providing creative content, tailored-made and well-placed on SoMe and other owned channels, creates digital societies and mobilizes communities, enabling brands and companies to boost their overall success and penetrate new markets or enlarge their existing ones.

We are aware that success in today’s digitized world requires deep understanding of corporate values and brand offerings always in conjunction with today’s tech savvy customers’ interests and needs. We are here to design exclusively for you the strategic framework of your digital communications, craft the appropriate story-telling and produce high-quality content to attract and engage the audiences selected.

It’s all about Citizenship/It’s all about actually Caring/It’s all about really Caring

Social Responsibility & Citizenship programs

We believe that being social responsible is not a management decision; it’s an imperative action of responsible citizenship. Social responsibility is a corporate way of thinking that has to permeate a company, exercised equally by all levels within an organization. In fact, creating powerful SR & Citizenship programs has a strong strategic perspective and also needs to run seamless as part of the business environment to get realized in full.

We first identify what really matters to your stakeholders, and then assist you align your SR strategy and Citizenship initiatives to meaningful activities that attract attention and can really make a difference. Designing effective sustainability & citizenship programs, may affect an entire organization along with the publics selected and can add substantial value to corporate equity.

It’s all about Fame

Reputation & Trust Management

We assist companies and institutions build and safeguard their most valuable corporate asset; their Reputation. Reputation & trust are essential ingredients not only for prosperity of societies but increasingly so for corporate environments in general. We believe that creating value for our clients is equivalent to becoming their strategic partners and assisting them in managing their reputation in today’s unrestrained environment. This has increasingly become a vital step, especially if we are to respond adeptly to a litany of potentially dangerous issues and disruptions, while staying focused on long-term growth and market goals.

Developing a clear and flexible strategic path of enhanced Reputation & Trust entails the development of daily processes, empowered by communication tactics that cultivate the industry’s “soil” and prepare the ground to be fertile when receiving the reputation seeds. These can be spread by different spokespersons and tactical activities, such as: create publicity, develop SEO mechanisms, write & disseminate press releases, white-papers, non-papers and testimonials, prepare SoMe profiles, perform constant monitoring and indicate issues via alerts and reporting.

It’s all about Transformation/It’s all about Evolvement

Change Management

We believe that organizations don’t change. People do. But to get to the desired outcome, we need to take actions that can influence people in their individual transitions through Change Management. This is the discipline that provides a structured approach for supporting, preparing and guiding how individuals can successfully adopt change, in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

When a company undertakes projects or initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities or address key issues, it often requires changes; to processes, job-roles, organizational structures and types and uses of technology. However, we believe that it is actually the employees of an organization who have to ultimately alter, change or adapt how they do their job based on the new directives. That is why we know that in any organization, if people cannot deal personally with transitions, if they are not keen to embrace change, or eager to learn new ways of working, any change initiative is doomed to fail. Embracing and adopting changes required is the only way to deliver the expected results. We can assist you in this path.

It’s all about People


We know how to make grassroots work for you. While our main goal is to use our proven strategic approach to engage, mobilize and commit supporters, we know that each campaign is unique. We offer a full range of advocacy solutions that we mix and match based on each campaign’s specific requirements.

We know our drill; we work alongside you to maximize your engagement potential, using a combination of proven and pioneering techniques. We use one-on-one communications, outreach to local issue influencers, advocacy data management, strategic counsel, direct mail & telephone outreach, relationship-building with community-based organizations, champion programs, local events, earned media, mobilizing websites, online recruitment, engage supporters & bloggers, and leverage the SoMe power. By bringing the power of grassroots advocacy to your organization’s public policy and marketing challenges, we move people toward increasingly stronger commitments to your efforts.

It’s all about Dialogue and Information

Public Affairs

We help clients engage in constructive social dialogue with the aim to build and protect corporate reputation, influence public policy and seek mutual benefits with stakeholders.

We are public affairs experts, ready to assist you improve your key indicators in trust, reputation, public opinion, and important issues advocacy. Our work combines government relations, media communications, issues management, information dissemination and strategic communications consulting.

We identify the key decision-makers and pin-point the influencers that can make a difference in disseminating your messages, we map them around your issue, including a detailed stakeholders’ mapping and experts’ analysis, and we focus on building strong relationships and synergies. Our experience extends from the classic Public Affairs initiatives (e.g. profiling influencers, drafting collaterals and endorsing engagement) in designing special briefings for companies, organizations and government institutions, or developing engaging leadership programs, directed to communicate with different levels of public policy representatives (international, national & local).

It’s all about Preparedness

Crisis & Risk Management

We proud ourselves to be those type of crisis communication “freaks” who support companies on any possible crisis, always ready to appropriately respond to the issues that arise.

We offer the full spectrum of crisis and issues management services from crisis prevention plans, risk assessment, crisis team formation, media & spokesperson(s) training, ad-hoc or retainer 24/7 crisis/issues support, offline & online issues monitoring and reporting, real-life simulations to crisis handling, as well as crafting messages and disseminating responses when necessary based on crisis.

We know that businesses that see crisis communications as a “must-have” control mechanism are better equipped and surely better-prepared in dealing with an extreme situation when it arises. We will be honored to assist in identifying those “hot” (critical) issues and create the necessary crisis communications path to protect and defend corporate interests, image and overall reputation.

It’s all about Cooperation

Cross Synergies

We enhance brand appeal and corporate reputation, by leveraging synergies. We are admirers of the new arithmetic, imposed and supported by insightful usage of the whole spectrum of today’s media (classic and new) that enables and effectively creates the approach: One plus One = equals Three

We believe that we are in business to change the way people think; we have been doing this internally, by training our people constantly. We believe in cultivating, utilizing and leveraging this phenomenon and creating the instances to see it flourish. We aim to mobilize internal and external stakeholders to:

  • Spread brand or corporate stories
  • Collaborative works that enhances brand equity
  • Communicate on time converting value content into lead generation machine
  • Build confidence and enhance corporate image
It’s all about Distribution

Hub & Spoke

We believe in forming and utilizing a “Hub & Spoke” communications model if a company, or a brand, wishes its message(s) to be heard across different spectrums. This centralized methodology allows companies to speak directly to, deal with and collect info from a variety of sources. Many companies are currently using the “hub and spoke” formation as they responded to the corporate wide impacts of modern communications and social media interactivity, needing an easy-to-navigate place to host their company’s or brand’s content.

The Hub is the centralized area where all messages appear and spokes connect with to collect and refresh their content (usually a website). Spokes, on the other hand, are the vehicles that get the corporate or brand messages moving to reach the audiences selected. From the SoMe pages to a TV broadcast, the Spokes selected can be either permanent or ad-hoc, paid and/or organic.

Hub and Spoke provides centralized resources to businesses, units and departments. Corporations recognize that new technologies have impacted every single customer touchpoint, both in and outside an enterprise, and as a result a change was needed to respond to the new communications and social media era. This is the reason why companies select to launch a centralized cross functional “Hub” (a.k.a. the Center of Excellence) to be served by the various communication tools (Spokes), in alignment with a common set of communication rules, templates, software, and knowledge. Recently, we have experienced the transformation to the “Multiple Hub and Spoke” where decision making about communications & PR (including social media) shifts to the business units and geographies in place, in order to meet the specific needs of each community.

It’s all about Association


We develop Sponsorships to assist companies and brands increase their awareness levels, connect with a cause, attract interest, engage and influence publics. Besides the obvious, classical, benefits of sponsoring we are digging underneath the surface to find the gold of customization, avoiding the usual ineffective approach “one size fits all”.

We develop a unique customized arsenal with a never mistaken but always incremental approach of trial-evaluation-pivoting-looping and final improvement. In fact, our longtime involvement with the youth, combined with our expertise in sports marketing initiatives, create a talented team of unique individuals who share insights, capabilities and multi-awarded record, coupled with eagerness to assist you select the best sponsorship for your particular needs.

It’s all about Coaching

Training & Consulting

We consult daily. We assist and train our clients, as we are a team of PR & Communication professionals who know their disciplines. We offer media, crisis, digital, or other specially designed training sessions, to cover the broader corporate goals or the more specific business unit needs.

Training and consulting is amongst our strongest capabilities, as we assist in educating people on how to handle communication needs or arising issues. Our training sessions span across the disciplines of Social Responsibility, Social Media Tools & Platforms, Crisis Management, Media Skills, PR Campaigns, Business Etiquette and Protocol, and other specialized classes.

We, at the same time, offer our consulting expertise to engage internal or external stakeholders, enhance employees’ capabilities, achieve corporate goals and design strategies that allow companies see their plans flourish through open, interactive communication & support.