Haris, an active millennial, is one of the youngest team-members of Pitch. Upon completing his mentoring process and proving his talent, Haris evolved into a communications advocate, committed in getting things done. Due to his eagerness and passion, Haris is always ready to pick up his sleeves and work on the next project at hand.


Haris serves as an Executive at Pitch, who monitors, collects and reports news, and media leads, for a variety of clients coming from the IT, F&B, Health, PA and Energy sectors.

At the same time, he is responsible to co-organize promotional activities, for both brands and corporations, while he contributes in the creation of different client communication materials (e.g. reports, byline articles, press releases, events, etc.).


Haris is a graduate of Business Administration -Marketing Module- in T.E.I. of Western Greece. He is a Greek native and speaks English fluently.