Maria Boutzeti is a communication specialist with a thorough academic and professional knowledge of the strategic communication field.


She has a demonstrated professional experience in the development of strategic communication plans, working as a political communication consultant and social media advisor supporting and promoting national and European social policy campaigns, developing and monitoring electoral campaigns, as well as organizing conferences and events.


Being of the view that a good understanding of the social environment helps communication specialists generate innovative and relevant ideas, she contributes articles in major Greek portals and newspapers.

She has published a book under the title ‘‘What has happened to words? Assembling an Era’’, consisting of 50 articles dealing with the political and social condition, social media issues, as well as short narratives exploring peoples’ attitudes and highlighting social pathologies.


Maria completed her PhD Thesis on “Social Media Networks for Personalized Political Communication”. She holds a Master of Arts in “Digital Media and Interactive Environments” and a Bachelor’s Degree in “Communication and Media” from the University of Athens both with distinction.


She speaks Greek and English fluently and has a basic knowledge of German.